Gaz is a comedian at heart who enjoys drinking smokey Scotch and herbal tea, just not at the same time. Someday he hopes he will finally grow up and be as tall as Daniel Radcliffe.  He is not
on Twitter and you can't make him join.






Devon's dream job is to be a dog show judge. Make of that what you will. He once made a life-size woman out of
pizza dough. Again, not sure what that says about him. When he is not learning useless facts about the world, he is most likely leaning against a bar pretending to be Partick Swayze in Roadhouse






It it not uncommon to see a good looking model in Matt's home, a Spitfire plane in particular. He likes to watch documentaries about World War 2 and has a particular expertise in Hitler's bowel movements. He is also allergic to hipsters.